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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Brand New Energy is the front page of a company that creates energy by sustaining a plasma combustion reaction fuelled by contaminants and other trash. This method could be used to enhance the output of all of our coal burning power plants and reduce the level of refinement necessary to produce fuel. It could also eliminate the usefulness of nuclear power plants, which is a key global goal for the 21st century. Since the plasma reactions produce very little pollution and can be fuelled by pollutants, this is a good choice for powering the electrical activities of urban and industrial centers.

For example, there are two trash mounds in the Pacific Ocean, each the size of the state of Texas, leaching dioxins into the water and poisoning marine life. Hauling these loads to Los Angeles and burning them in such a power plant as startech's could power the entire city for years.

This idea, among thousands of others, are part of a necessary comprehensive neoglobal energy plan. The state department of the US has not produced a plan to achieve environmental energy sustainability, and the IAEA and other organizations are yet to combine plans. Now is the time to assemble this plan on a community and multi-community level.


Conservation techniques can reduce our energy requirements. This can be felt locally with properly insulated and designed houses and efficient vehicles and appliances. We can conserve commercially with effective communications technologies and delivery mechanisms. New technologies can help us use less energy when build' everything from cars to computers, and give us the time and community affordability to hand make and machine many quality goods. Sensible techniques at will help us cleanly and non-intensively grow enough crops on less land and for longer growing cycles.

We will use these technologies to build enough spare energy to accomplish these tasks.

-Moray device, resonating with cosmic waves
-Tesla device, resonating with earth's em field [solar ion power]
-plasma trash combustion and disposal
-water splitting H2O -> H2 via e- Hz
-biological enzyme fuel cells
-photosynthetic H2 from GM bacteria
-algae fuel processing
-'overunity' water ram/pump
-geothermal boreholes
-advanced particle physics photon collection
-urban architectural and midatmospheric windmills [infrastructure via 2030's]
-arboreally un-assisted waterwheels
-hemp and greasy weed oils

The first design will be for a sufficient town with a population of ~150.